Seagull Net

The Maine Seagull Net is an amateur (ham) radio traffic net afiliated with the National Traffic System. It runs Monday through Saturday on 3940 khz at 1700 hours (1630 wintertime).

The net is the perfect place to meet hams throughout the state and beyond. Twice a year the net takes a step back in time and runs in AM mode as it did when it was founded in 1939: the Thursday after the time change in the spring, and the Thursday before the time change in the fall. Otherwise, stations check into the net using single sideband.

Do you want to learn how to relay a radiogram? If so, this is the net for you!

3940 KHZ

Net Manager

Jerry Burns K1GUP

Eyeball Net Meeting

Stay tuned for announcement of where and when a Seagull Net get-together will happen this year. Word is there will be some hamfests and we will make this happen!